Welcome to Walnut Tree Farm Park Cafe

Unfortunately, we are unable to open our café just yet as it is within the same area as reception… but we can serve drinks to take away and you’re more than welcome to bring a picnic. There are plenty of benches indoors and outdoors around the park. We will update this page as soon as this changes.


Jacket potatoes

Homemade chips – £2.50
Cheese or beans and chips £3.20
Beans on toast £2.50
Scrambled egg on toast £2.50
Extra sausage, cheese or bacon 50p

Quiche salad and chips £3.95
Burger and chips £5.75
Homemade chicken curry and chips £4.95

Breakfast – 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 1 egg, hash brown and tomato or beans £5.75 (served with tea or coffee and toast)

Brunch – 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans and chips £5.50

Hot dogs £2.50

Jacket potatoes

Filled with…

Cheese – £4.25
Beans – £4.25
Tuna – £4.75
Bolognese – £4.75
Extra toppings – 50p

Baguettes & Sandwiches

All served with crisps and a side salad

                                             Baguette     Sandwich

Ham                                    £3.75           £3.25
Cheese and pickle             £3.75           £3.25
Egg mayonaise                  £3.75           £3.25
Tuna mayonaise                £4.25           £3.75
Coronation chicken          £4.25           £3.75
Chicken tikka                     £4.25           £3.75
Chicken mayonaise           £4.25          £3.75


Apple pie with ice cream or custard £2.00 (served hot or cold)

Tea or coffee and a cake £2.00

Chocolate bars £80p
Crisps 85p
Children’s biscuits 50p

Children's meals

Children’s meals (served with chips and any children’s drink) £3.25
Choose from Chicken nuggets, Fish fingers, Sausage (add beans for 20p extra)

Sandwiches (Served with crisps and children’s drink) £2.95
Choose from ham, jam or cheese

Children’s chips £1.75 with cheese or beans 50p extra

Children’s Ice cream £1.50
Vanilla with sprinkles or chocolate drops, marshmallows or fudge pieces topped off with raspberry or chocolate sauce

Drinks & Snacks

Latte – £1.80
Cappuccino – £1.80
Mochaccino – £1.80
Coffee – £1.60
Tea – £1.20
Hot chocolate – £1.80


Park directions and opening times

Purchase admittance tickets online